04th Apr2013

Emmy Rossum as beautiful creature in The Norse Gods

by southwoo

Eternal- this is what the world of mythology really demarcated. From the very beginning they learned to communicate with one another, humans have told stories about beings and universes beyond their own. Evolution has made its own versions of it, becoming magnificent symbols of various ideals, beliefs and fears. Emmy Rossum known as a caster in the world of beautiful creatures essentially went beyond what everybody typically knows about dark magicians and instead found something extraordinary in Norse mythology.

Rossum was being motivated to pursue the role because of the demographic state of the network where number of young people watch the show than other shows and more males watch shameless even this is a more female-driven. And, due to the fact that she is a big fan of Richard [LaGravenese] and literature she read the first book of the story and felt excited to play the character which then had the opportunity to audition, because it’s such a different type of villain. Herein shows the transformation from being young and innocent to embracing her dark side. She was more being inspired about wicca and spellcasting which gave her much interest in searching powerful goddesses. Freyja, a norse goddess who is beautiful and very sensual and and definitely seen as a dark power because of how she encourages people to do bad things and also because in some of the stories she’s shown as the person who leads people into the underworld when they’re dead, hooked Rossum.

And so for her, that kind of combination of darkness with allure was something that she wanted to bring to the character as Ridley. In an interview with Rossum, she said that she contributed in somewhat imagining the physicality of what a claiming would entail, because that’s not something that’s defined in any way as a sort of seizure, but her basically approach to it.

In this movie, it’s an interesting part of the mythology that casters come of age and either side with the light or the dark. But because of events in the Duchannes family history it seems as though there was never really a chance that Ridley would go for the light side. And this is somehow touched on in the movie.


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