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04th Apr2013
Emmy Rossum in Norse Gods

Emmy Rossum as beautiful creature in The Norse Gods

Eternal- this is what the world of mythology really demarcated. From the very beginning they learned to communicate with one another, humans have told stories about beings...

26th Mar2013

The Southwood Norsemytho Group Reviews: The Myth Maker

Fostering a shared set of perspectives, values, history and literature in the stories itself is what Rajiv G Menon captured his interest. The continuity and stability to...

15th Mar2013

The Ragnarok Conspiracy

From the 2012 debut thriller novel of biomedical scientist Erec Stebbins –The Ragnarök Conspiracy (www.ragnarokconspiracy.com) the reader takes to a world like shaken and stirred. This novel...

15th Feb2013
The Runes of Norse Mythology

The Runes of Norse Mythology

Runes are letters comprising the runic alphabets that were employed in writing numerous Germanic languages before it adopting the Latin alphabet. The study of runic inscriptions, runestones...